Dog House Marble Pet Urn


Dog House Marble Urn - Simple beautiful and affordable piece of memorial urn.

This beautiful pet urn is made of fine marble - designed and finished by hand. Ashes of your loved one are safely preserved in this urn in a peaceful and dignified manner via a small lid at the base which can be further sealed using a good adhesive (not supplied) for extra peace of mind.
As Marble is a natural product so no 2 urns will ever be the same and actual product might be slightly different from display photo. 
Material:        Marble

Size:              Approx 9.5" (24 cm) X 7 "(17.5 cm) X 7" (17.5 cm)
Weight:         Approx 2.5-3.5 Kg
Capacity  :    Approx 2.4 litres / 140 Cubic inches ( Can hold ashes of body weight upto 140 lbs or 63 kg approx ) .

Our prices are inclusive of U.K mainland delivery.


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