Pink Lily Scatter Tube / Biodegradable Memorial Urn - 2 Sizes


Perfect Choice for Eco Friendly Biodegradable Scattering Tube Cremation Urn

This scatter tube is specifically designed for scattering ashes/cremated remains on land / in water and also can be used for storing ashes safely, it is also suitable to transfer ashes on a plane due to it being made of card board/paper only. This cardboard scattering tube is durable, dignified and simple to use.

As each Scatter Tube is biodegradable , they are also suitable for the burial of ashes .

Full instruction for use supplied with each scattered tube.

Dimensions Large: 38CM (15") x12.5CM (5") Capacity : 250 Cubic Inches (Suitable for ashes of body weight upto 110 Kgs / 242 lbs approx )

Dimensions Medium: 25.4CM (10") x 10CM (4")  Capacity :121 Cubic Inches (Suitable for ashes of body weight upto 55 Kgs / 121lbs approx )

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