How can I open and close my urn?

This depends on which type of urn you order, exactly. As mentioned before, you have different tops which are closed in different ways. You may choose one for which you can screw on the lid or close it with glue.

Can I seal my urn?

Yes, an epoxy resin sealant can be applied around the rim of the access panel, which is then fastened securely on to the urn. This permanently seals your urn.

Who puts the ashes into my urn?

You should be handed the ashes in a plastic bag, or container. You should place them into the urn or you can contact a funeral director to put the ashes in the urn for you.

How do the ashes go into the keepsake?

The keepsake usually has a threaded top or bottom, in which the ashes are placed.

What is the capacity of my keepsake?

A keepsake is quite small, it is suitable for only small amount of ashes as a token.

Pet Urns?

We also offer pet urns. They usually have a smaller capacity, but are similar to cremation urns.

How long will delivery take?

We aim to ship orders on the same day if received before 2pm Monday to Friday. Most of our deliveries arrive in three working days. Please contact us should you want a delivery before this.