• About Companion Cremation Urns

    About Companion Cremation Urns

    Companion urns, which are also known as double urns, can hold the cremains of two to three adult. Companion urns for ashes are a very popular choice among families who wish to allow couples to remain together even after death.

    The companion or double capacity urn for two people generally has capacity of 7 litres or more which is the double capacity of a standard single urn. In these urns ashes can be mingled together after death.

    Sometimes families also go for two single urn kept side by side to make a companion urn. This is a family choice as how family wants to keep their loved ones together as per their loved one wishes.

    Our double capacity metal urn has top opening lid allowing easy access to secure ashes.

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  • Review: The Going Home Cremation Urn

    Our Classic Going Home Cremation Urn is loved and adored by our customers.

     It is a classical cremation urn to contain your loved one’s ashes.  It is adult-sized and made from durable brass to be long-lasting.

    A coming home cremation urn for your loved one.  Tastefully designed with the graceful flight of doves accompanying the soul’s gentle journey to its resting place.  With elegant lines, this classic brass memorial urn holds the ashes of most adults and may stand in the safe place of your home without drawing too much attention to itself. 

    A perfect gift for your treasured one, to contain their ashes and dwell in peace, and an opportunity to express your love for them at this time of grief and loss, where their absence lies in the steady silence of your heart.  

    Such an urn also represents renewal; for the one whose spirit was alive and has moved on but also for those in mourning who seek to heal the wound of their loss through the quiet light of memory. 

    This Going Home urn represents a place where your inner-grace resides, where you too might come home to nurture the good times you enjoyed with them and where their presence invokes the unfolding flower of healing in the heart of new hope.

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  • Keepsake Memorial Urns

    You may have picked the perfect Urn for your loved ones ashes.  But have you thought about how you could share some of the ashes with family and friends?  Perhaps your son or daughter would like to keep a small amount of the ashes as a permanent reminder and tribute?

    Keepsake Urns are perfect for sharing ashes.  These little urns hold a small amount of ash.  There are various shapes and designs, and often you can pick a style to match the main, larger urn.

    We have many beautiful and intricate designs, all made by hand by skilled artisans.  They are lovingly crafted from the finest materials and are the perfect place for your loved one’s ashes.

    It must be remembered that a keepsake memorial urn is only suitable for a small amount of ash.  It should be thought of as a symbolic way of keeping a part of your loved one close to you.

    One of our favourite keepsake memorial urns is the Red Heart Keepsake.  This is crafted from solid brass.  This also comes with a free stand in order to display the keepsake urn.

    We also have a solid marble keepsake urn, which is finished and polished by hand. This beautiful piece is suitable for holding a small amount of your loved one’s ashes.

    If you need any help choosing a keepsake urn, then remember we are available to offer advice. 

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  • Pet Cremation Urns from Urns with Love

    Pet Cremation Urns

    Pets are one of the family, and when they pass the sense of loss and sadness can be difficult to cope with.  From simple things like walking into a room and expecting to see them lying down in their ‘usual’ spot, or that evening cuddle while watching TV.  We know that they won’t be around forever, but it doesn’t make it any easier when they’re not.  Pets can be so selfless and loving, and with enormous personalities that almost make them seem like humans.  How often have you found yourself having ideal chit-chat with your pet?  For many, they can be a true best friend.

    When they are no longer with us, it is fitting that their remains are treated with respect and love. Should you wish to cremate your Pet, we have lovely Pet Cremation Urns and Scatter Tubes that will suit the character of your lost friend.  

    Pet Cremation Urns for Cats

    One of our favourites is the Cat Shaped Urn which is made from aluminium.  The intricate and beautiful design will make a peaceful resting place for your cat.  Should you wish to remember your Pet throughout the day, why not wear an Ashes Pendant?

    Pet Cremation Urns for Dogs

    If you’re looking for a larger Pet Cremation Urn – for perhaps a dog – we recommend our Turquoise with Golden Paw design Urn.  These are hand-made from brass by our skilled artisans.

    Finally, our Small Wood Urn with Photo Frame is a beautiful piece.  It has been hand carved from natural grained wood.  It allows a treasured photograph of your beloved pet to be displayed on the top.

    Once you’ve made the decision about how you are going to deal with your pet’s remains, the healing process can begin. They are never forgotten, and by choosing a lovely Pet Cremation Urn you can keep something of them with you.

    If you need any assistance in finding the perfect Urn for your Pet then please contact us.  One of our friendly, knowledgeable team who will be please to help.

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  • Finding the Perfect Scatter Tube / Urn

    As an alternative to a brass, glass or steel Urn, a scattering tube is a dignified way of scattering the ashes / cremated remains of a lost one.   It can also be used as a way of storing ashes in safe manner.

    Our scattering tubes are mostly made from card which means that they can be used for storage, scattering or burial.  They can be used for scattering the ashes on both land and in the water.


    How do I fill and secure the Scatter Tube?

    Full instructions are included with each scatter tube, but generally the method recommended is to fill the white part of the tube with your loved one’s ashes, seal the top with the supplied glue, and then place the coloured outer sleeve over the top.  There is a small hole at the top of the tube that can either be covered with the included cover, or left open in order to scatter the ashes.


    Are they Biodegradable?

    Yes, all of our scatter tubes are fully biodegradable which makes them ideal to bury should you wish.


    Will it be big enough?

    Most of our scatter tubes are designed to accommodate a variety of body weight sizes.  Please check the individual specification for each product when ordering.  Our scatter tubes are made from a strong, quality cardboard to offer safe and secure storage of the ashes.


    Choice of Designs

    We have a beautiful range of scatter tubes, each of which features dignified and sensitive designs and messages.  Should you wish to purchase a scatter tube for your lost pet then we have specific designs and sizes to suit.

    Our Scatter Tubes will be sent securely in protective packaging to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.  If you need assistance in choosing the perfect Scatter Tube then please contact us.

    Posted by Jon Burton