During a time of bereavement, many people find great comfort in physical memorials that remind them of the departed. For many of us, this means that we wish to keep their ashes close after cremation has taken place. Our keepsake memorial urns offer an ideal way to keep a small amount of ashes safe and secure for as long as you wish.

Our keepsake urns offer the same high quality, beauty and strength as our full size cremation urns, but they are smaller and designed to hold a token pinch of ashes rather than the full amount. They are the perfect choice if you wish to distribute the ashes between several family members and friends rather than keeping them all in one place, or if you just want to keep a small and personal memento of the person you loved.

We aim to cater for the needs and tastes of each and every client, so our keepsake urns are available in a wide variety of different designs, colours, textures and finishes. Our embossed urns feature intricate patterns, while other urns are decorated with imagery of birds, flowers and other beautiful motifs. We also have simple, classic urns for those in search of a traditional option.

Many of our keepsake urns feature a classic, traditional urn shape scaled down to a smaller size, but we also offer more unusual options in the shape of our heart and star shaped keepsakes. These items will make distinctive and beautiful ornaments in your home, while also providing a restful place where you can safely keep a precious memento of your loved one.

Alongside our smaller urns, we have elegant keepsake jewellery which can be used to store a small token such as a pinch of ashes, allowing you to carry your precious memories around with you everywhere you go. Many people love the highly personal nature of this jewellery, making it one of our most popular options. Whichever items you choose, you can be certain of excellent quality and value for money.

If you are in search of keepsake memorial urns which are designed with love and built to last, we are your first option. Please browse our entire product range at your leisure to find the right urn to suit your preferences. You can then make a secure and easy purchase online and we will have your keepsake delivered to you within 3-5 working days.