Letting Go
Most, if not all, people loose someone important at some point during their lives. Deciding how to proceed is difficult and we hope to be with you in your time of need with our large selection of cremation urns. When this time comes, no one wants to think about cremation urns, but you may find that thinking about them gives you a distraction, something to focus on. You may even find the process therapeutic and we hope it assists you in finding closure.
Finding the perfect urn can help you honour that special someone and keep them close to your heart. You may decide to get a traditional cremation urn for safe keeping the ashes of your loved one, or maybe even cremation jewellery such as pendants to ensure they will always be close to your heart, where they belong.

Finding the Right Urn for You
Due to the rise in cremation rates, an increasing number of people are having to turn to cremation urns and consequently, there is a wider variety of cremation urns to choose from. There is a lot to look at, such as colours, sizes, designs and other features.
One thing you may not have thought about is the tops of urns – some urns have a screw top, whereas others are sealed with glue. This secures the urn and saves you having to worry about the reliability of the urn and whether it may fall apart. Additionally, you must think of the size of the urn when choosing. Standard cremation urns have a capacity of approximately three litres, but smaller and larger urns can also be found. There are also different materials, such as wood, brass, or other materials which come in different colours and with various patterns engraved. Would you like a traditional urn or maybe a more modern one? You may even decide against an urn and prefer a simple keepsake to keep something aside from ashes or for portability.

Instead of getting a full sized urn you can get a keepsake or maybe cremation jewellery. Keepsakes can be a lot more discreet and only contain a small amount of ashes or something special to you such as a lock of hair or other meaningful item. It is a small token of remembrance which you can keep with you at all times. Cremation jewellery allows you to keep your memories of the deceased close to your heart, where it belongs.

Choosing Your Product
As previously mentioned, there are many factors to consider when choosing your ideal product.
Firstly, you must choose what you actually want. Do you want a cremation urn, or maybe several miniature ones? Or perhaps you don’t want an urn at all, but a keepsake or even cremation jewellery. You may not even want an urn, but wish to scatter the ashes of your loved ones. In any case, we advise you to think carefully. Many people who decide to scatter ashes later regret not taking a small keepsake first.

If you do decide on an urn, you need to decide what size it should be. Every pound of body weight yields a little less than a cubic inch of ash. Therefore, you first need to calculate exactly what capacity the urn should be. Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee this as the exact amount of ashes due to other factors also being considered, but you can use it as a general guide. If the urn is too small, you can look at our return policy about returning it, but you should buy an urn that is slightly bigger than you would expect to need to avoid this. The standard capacity of an adult sized urn is usually 200 cubic inches.