Purplish Blue/Indigo Large 12" Butterfly Teardrop Urn


 Beautifully Hand Crafted Blue Butterfly 12" Teardrop Cremation/Funeral/Memorial Urn 

Purplish Blue/Indigo butterfly teardrop cremation urn presents a beautiful and dignified vessel where you can keep the remains of your loved ones safely at rest. The urn is handcrafted from solid brass and presented to you at the lowest possible affordable price.  It features a threaded lid at the bottom (similar to last photo) to safely store cremated remains/ ashes in a dignified and undisturbed manner.

Our prices are inclusive of mainland U.K. delivery.

Size:           Approx 11.5" (29 Cm) Height

Weight:      Approx 3 - 4 Kg

Material :     Brass

Colour:       Purplish Blue/ Indigo Blue & Silver ( Nickel)

Capacity:   This urn is suitable to hold cremated ashes/ remains of adult body weight up to 90 Kg / 200 Lbs approx.


£239.00 £199.00
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