Angel Wings Design White Cremation Ashes Urn


Angel Wings Design White Cremation Adult Urn - Hand Made

Solid Aluminium base box with matt black finish to keep ashes secure

Solid Aluminium sculpture to attach to the base box

Personalisation: You have the option to buy a silver engraved plaque or engraving on sculpture can be done to personalise this urn.For the engraving option please leave us a note in the Additional Comments section before proceeding to the checkout or you can email us at please email us your personalisation at

  • Angel wings Design White Cremation Urn For Adult Ashes Description:
    This elegant urn is in two parts i.e. Sculpture and Base.
  • Sculpture Description:
    Height: 13 Inches (33 cms) approx.
    Weight: 600 gms approx.
    Metal: Aluminium
    Colour: White
  • Base Description:
    Height: 5 inches (12 cms) approx.
    Weight: 2.5 Kgs approx.
    Capacity: 250 Cubic inches approx. (Suitable to hold ashes of an adult body weight 250 lb or 110 kg Approx)
    Metal: Aluminium
    Colour: Black
  • Overall sculpture (Base+Sclupture)
    Height: 18 inches (46cms) approx.
    Weight: 3.2 Kgs approx.
  • New Elegant White Angel Wings design hand made funeral urn for human ashes, manufactured from finest aluminium metal by skilled artisans. A wonderful urn to hold your loved ones' ashes. This lovely urn is made up of two parts: a base and a sculpture. Screws secure the sculpture to the base. By opening the screw lid at the bottom of the base, ashes can be securely stored inside.
  •  We are proud to make this beautiful cremation ashes urn available at the lowest possible price in order to allow the bereaved to remember lost loved ones with dignity and peace of mind.

Our prices are inclusive of mainland U.K. delivery.

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