Pink Butterfly Medium 10" Teardrop Urn


Beautifully Hand Crafted Pink Butterfly 10" Teardrop Medium Funeral/Memorial Urn 

The pink butterfly teardrop cremation urn presents a beautiful and dignified vessel where you can keep the remains of your loved ones safely at rest. The urn is hand crafted from solid brass and presented to you at a lowest possible affordable price.  It features a threaded lid at the bottom to safely store cremated remains/ ashes in a dignified and undisturbed manner . Suitable for ashes of young adult or child.

Our prices are inclusive of mainland U.K. delivery.

Size:           Approx 10" (25 Cm) Height

Colour:       Pink & Silver ( Nickel)

Weight:       Approx 3 Kg

Capacity:   This urn is suitable to hold cremated ashes/ remains of a body weight up to 65 Kg / 150 Lbs approx.

Material :     Brass

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