Pet Cremation Urns

Pets are one of the family, and when they pass the sense of loss and sadness can be difficult to cope with.  From simple things like walking into a room and expecting to see them lying down in their ‘usual’ spot, or that evening cuddle while watching TV.  We know that they won’t be around forever, but it doesn’t make it any easier when they’re not.  Pets can be so selfless and loving, and with enormous personalities that almost make them seem like humans.  How often have you found yourself having ideal chit-chat with your pet?  For many, they can be a true best friend.

When they are no longer with us, it is fitting that their remains are treated with respect and love. Should you wish to cremate your Pet, we have lovely Pet Cremation Urns and Scatter Tubes that will suit the character of your lost friend.  

Pet Cremation Urns for Cats

One of our favourites is the Cat Shaped Urn which is made from aluminium.  The intricate and beautiful design will make a peaceful resting place for your cat.  Should you wish to remember your Pet throughout the day, why not wear an Ashes Pendant?

Pet Cremation Urns for Dogs

If you’re looking for a larger Pet Cremation Urn – for perhaps a dog – we recommend our Turquoise with Golden Paw design Urn.  These are hand-made from brass by our skilled artisans.

Finally, our Small Wood Urn with Photo Frame is a beautiful piece.  It has been hand carved from natural grained wood.  It allows a treasured photograph of your beloved pet to be displayed on the top.

Once you’ve made the decision about how you are going to deal with your pet’s remains, the healing process can begin. They are never forgotten, and by choosing a lovely Pet Cremation Urn you can keep something of them with you.

If you need any assistance in finding the perfect Urn for your Pet then please contact us.  One of our friendly, knowledgeable team who will be please to help.