Our Classic Going Home Cremation Urn is loved and adored by our customers.

 It is a classical cremation urn to contain your loved one’s ashes.  It is adult-sized and made from durable brass to be long-lasting.

A coming home cremation urn for your loved one.  Tastefully designed with the graceful flight of doves accompanying the soul’s gentle journey to its resting place.  With elegant lines, this classic brass memorial urn holds the ashes of most adults and may stand in the safe place of your home without drawing too much attention to itself. 

A perfect gift for your treasured one, to contain their ashes and dwell in peace, and an opportunity to express your love for them at this time of grief and loss, where their absence lies in the steady silence of your heart.  

Such an urn also represents renewal; for the one whose spirit was alive and has moved on but also for those in mourning who seek to heal the wound of their loss through the quiet light of memory. 

This Going Home urn represents a place where your inner-grace resides, where you too might come home to nurture the good times you enjoyed with them and where their presence invokes the unfolding flower of healing in the heart of new hope.