As an alternative to a brass, glass or steel Urn, a scattering tube is a dignified way of scattering the ashes / cremated remains of a lost one.   It can also be used as a way of storing ashes in safe manner.

Our scattering tubes are mostly made from card which means that they can be used for storage, scattering or burial.  They can be used for scattering the ashes on both land and in the water.


How do I fill and secure the Scatter Tube?

Full instructions are included with each scatter tube, but generally the method recommended is to fill the white part of the tube with your loved one’s ashes, seal the top with the supplied glue, and then place the coloured outer sleeve over the top.  There is a small hole at the top of the tube that can either be covered with the included cover, or left open in order to scatter the ashes.


Are they Biodegradable?

Yes, all of our scatter tubes are fully biodegradable which makes them ideal to bury should you wish.


Will it be big enough?

Most of our scatter tubes are designed to accommodate a variety of body weight sizes.  Please check the individual specification for each product when ordering.  Our scatter tubes are made from a strong, quality cardboard to offer safe and secure storage of the ashes.


Choice of Designs

We have a beautiful range of scatter tubes, each of which features dignified and sensitive designs and messages.  Should you wish to purchase a scatter tube for your lost pet then we have specific designs and sizes to suit.

Our Scatter Tubes will be sent securely in protective packaging to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.  If you need assistance in choosing the perfect Scatter Tube then please contact us.