You may have picked the perfect Urn for your loved ones ashes.  But have you thought about how you could share some of the ashes with family and friends?  Perhaps your son or daughter would like to keep a small amount of the ashes as a permanent reminder and tribute?

Keepsake Urns are perfect for sharing ashes.  These little urns hold a small amount of ash.  There are various shapes and designs, and often you can pick a style to match the main, larger urn.

We have many beautiful and intricate designs, all made by hand by skilled artisans.  They are lovingly crafted from the finest materials and are the perfect place for your loved one’s ashes.

It must be remembered that a keepsake memorial urn is only suitable for a small amount of ash.  It should be thought of as a symbolic way of keeping a part of your loved one close to you.

One of our favourite keepsake memorial urns is the Red Heart Keepsake.  This is crafted from solid brass.  This also comes with a free stand in order to display the keepsake urn.

We also have a solid marble keepsake urn, which is finished and polished by hand. This beautiful piece is suitable for holding a small amount of your loved one’s ashes.

If you need any help choosing a keepsake urn, then remember we are available to offer advice.