The practice of cremation has been heavily influenced over the years by many different factors, including religious views, social changes and health requirements. The earliest evidence of cremated remains was found near Mungo Lake in Australia in 1969. The Mungo Lady was carbon dated to between 24,700 and 19,030 years ago. The discovery shows that even early societies used cremation as a burial ritual.

Archaeological evidence also exists to show that cremations were common forms of burial in Northern Europe and the Near East around 3,000 BC. The practice spread in the Bronze Age, most notably to Celts in Great Britain and the Iberian Peninsula. The first cemeteries specifically for cremations were built during this period in Hungary and Northern Italy.

During the Roman era (600 BC to 600 AD), cremations were popular for honoured members of society. However, early Christianity and Judaism discouraged the practice. Traditional burials ultimately became the most popular type of service, and cremations remained relatively rare until the Victorian Era.

In Victorian England, cremation increased in popularity for sanitary reasons. In fact, during this period Queen Victoria's personal physician encouraged its use as he believed it would reduce the spread of diseases. England's first crematorium was built in 1878, two years after the US.

Nowadays cremation is used all around the globe and is the most common form of burial in the UK. Attitudes towards it have softened a great deal, and in the 1960s the Catholic Church even revoked their ban on it. Cremation is now widely accepted as a respectful, dignified form of funeral and people from all faiths, religions and walks of life choose to be cremated after they have passed away.

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