The UK is a nation of pet lovers; the PFMA estimates that around 46% of households (or 13 million) in the UK had pets in 2014. They consider the total pet population to be approximately 65 million. This includes a diverse array of different species, from fish and small caged animals to dogs, cats, horses and reptiles.

It is quite clear that British people love pets of all kinds. For many people their pet is a beloved part of the family and a source of companionship. As a result, when they pass away their loss can leave a void in our lives. It is because of this that a booming pet funeral industry has grown in the UK. People can now choose many different options to commemorate the life and passing of their pets, letting them say goodbye in the right way.

Pet cremations have become particularly popular in the UK because they allow people to store the ashes in an urn and take them home. This can provide great comfort and means they can make their own preparations for how to commemorate their beloved pet, whether it is scattering the ashes, burying them or putting the urn on the mantelpiece.

Pet cremation urns can be used to permanently store the ashes or to allow you to transport them for scattering or burial. As a result they come in a large range of styles, including highly decorative ones that can be displayed in your home. You will be able to choose an urn that reflects your pet and what they meant to you, letting your memories live on.

At Urns With Love we have a selection of specially selected cremation urns for pets. They range from six inches tall to three inches so you can choose the right size. The smallest ones can be used to store the ashes of smaller animals or to hold a token amount. This makes them a great choice if you plan on burying or scattering ashes and still want to keep some close to you, or if several people want to be able to take a memento.