Cremation urns can be used to store the ashes of the deceased for as long as necessary. They can provide a permanent solution or a temporary one whilst other arrangements are being made. In both cases, many people find a great spiritual significance in the piece, so it is important to them to make the right decision when choosing an urn. We completely understand this, and aim to provide the perfect urn for each customer. Our diverse range of designs gives you the ability to select a personal urn that has a meaning behind it.

As their name suggests, individual sized urns are designed to hold the remains of a single person. From plain designs to highly decorated pieces, there are many choices when opting for this kind of urn. The materials they are made from can vary greatly and may include metals, stone or even a biodegradable material. The third option may be preferred by people who are looking to bury the ashes rather than keep them.

Smaller sharing urns are designed for when ashes are going to be divided up. They are most commonly used by families, particularly those that are spread across a large geographical area. With the small urns family members can each take some of the ashes so they can keep them at home or scatter them close by. This also means that different people can choose their own urn to reflect the memories they have of the deceased and their relationship with them.

The smallest type of urn you can choose is a keepsake urn. They are designed to hold a token amount of the ashes. This allows them to be spread out more if lots of people want a memento and also means a small reminder can be kept if the rest are to be buried or scattered. Some people also request keepsake urns so their ashes can be scattered in multiple different places. Separating them at the crematorium is much better than disturbing them each time you need to scatter some. It also makes transportation much easier.

In our online store you can find a collection of beautiful urns for ashes in a range of shapes and sizes. We are proud to sell high quality cremation urns online, making them accessible to everybody. The products we offer are made especially for us and are available at great prices. Please take the time to have a look at the designs; if you have any questions we would be happy to answer them.