The word "keepsake" refers to a souvenir of some sort that reminds us of a person, event or significant time period. Cremation urns have been used by civilisations across the world for centuries, and over time, keepsake memorial urns have become an important part of the process.

Mourning a death is undoubtedly difficult, but it is often helpful to be able to feel close to the person that has passed away. Our memories will live on in our hearts and minds forever, but in the immediate aftermath of loss we can take comfort from personal items or possessions which help us feel connected to the deceased.

Many people keep the cremated remains of their loved ones in their homes permanently, or just for a while until they feel they are ready to scatter the ashes. In some cases, it can be very hard for the bereaved to let go as they may fear the presence of the person they have lost will no longer be with them.

Keepsake urns allow people to retain a small amount of ashes in a beautifully designed and crafted vessel. We have made it our aim to deliver exquisite products that bring some comfort to our customers as they grieve. Our selection of urns offers products in a range of shapes and styles with the capacity to hold a token amount of ashes. If you do not wish to store ashes, there are other options, such as a small lock of hair.

Each of our small urns is carefully crafted by hand. Constructed from solid brass they are approximately 3" in height and a screw lid keeps the contents secure. We can also offer a matching 10" urn which can hold the full ashes of an adult.

Our selection of styles, colours and designs is sure to hold something to suit your tastes and respectfully reflect the character of the deceased. We offer everything from a Silver Star, White Heart and Butterfly Blue Pitcher urn to the Golden Pewter and the Going Home urn in the shape of a heart among others and a selection of colours. Some of our products come in elegant, velvet presentation boxes and offer you a stunning and affordable keepsake you can treasure forever.