Cremations have grown in popularity throughout the UK in recent years. The urns used to store the ashes of our loved ones have evolved, and you can now choose from many specially crafted and beautifully designed vessels that honour the memory of those that have passed away.

As cremation has become more popular, many people have begun to search for new and original ways to commemorate their loved ones. The single most important factor when making decisions about the memorialisation of a loved one is that you feel you have paid appropriate tribute. If you can find comfort in your choices, it can ease the burden and help you move through the grieving process. As part of this, the production of cremation jewellery has become more prominent.

We are dedicated to offering our clients the exquisite urns and keepsakes they need to perfectly memorialise the people they have lost. Our selection of jewellery provides a variety of stainless steel, silver and gold finishes and is sure to have something to suit every personal taste.

We understand the importance of maintaining connection with those we love after they have passed away. Our jewellery allows you to do this, offering you graceful and elegant craftsmanship. We supply jewellery for both human and pet ashes, and each special trinket will ensure they remain close to your heart.

Our Ashes Pendant with Paw Prints is perfect for placement of the ashes of your beloved pets. Made from high quality stainless steel, this stick pendant comes with a matching chain and is presented in a beautiful velvet box complete with funnel. The pendant can hold approximately one pinch of cremated remains.

Our range of heart pendants offers stunning and affordable pieces of jewellery. Our Copper Heart is engraved with the words "Always in my heart", has a flawless polished finish, and once again has a capacity of one pinch. You can also choose from our Black Heart pendant range, or you could opt for our polished stainless steel cross pendant.

Alongside our cremation jewellery, we carry an extensive range of urns for adults and children as well as keepsake urns that enable you to keep a token amount of ashes. We help you preserve the memories of your loved ones and feel close to them at all times. Our vast range of products is manufactured specifically for us, and we offer our clients the highest quality at low and affordable prices.