For many of us, our pets become beloved members of our family. Dogs and cats provide us with a constant source of love, loyalty and companionship and grow very dear to us throughout the years. When they eventually pass away, we grieve their loss just as we would for any other special friend. After giving us years of friendship, pets deserve to have a beautiful and distinctive final resting place, and that is exactly what we can offer to you.

If you are planning to have your pet cremated, we can offer the ideal solution. Our pet cremation urns are lovingly hand made from solid brass and fitted with secure lids, making them a secure place to safely keep the ashes of your animal friend. Each urn features a simple and elegant paw print design and you can choose from several stunning finishes to commemorate your pet in the way that suits your preferences.

As experienced urn makers, we know that every pet owner is unique and has their own wishes, which is why we aim to cover every requirement with our collection. Our pet urns are available in a variety of different sizes to suit your individual preferences. Our smaller urns are perfect for keeping a small amount of ashes as a special keepsake, or you can opt for a larger urn which is capable of storing the entirety of your pet's ashes.

We completely understand how important your pet is to you, which is why we aim to provide the most beautiful, durable and affordable urns so you can keep them close and preserve your precious memories after they have passed away. Please feel free to take a look at our range of pet urns and we are confident you will see the ideal option for your cherished cat or dog.