As suppliers of childrens cremation urns, we understand how important it is for people to be able to decide on a tribute that is personal and reflects their own unique and special memories of the child. Our goal is to ensure that grieving families have access to beautiful, yet affordable memorials to the life of the young person.
Our childrens cremation urns are available in various shapes, sizes, materials and finishes so that each individual can choose a design that reflects their feelings and memories. They can be highly decorative and feature amazing designs, or they can offer a more classic and traditional style so you can commemorate your loved one in the right way.

Besides our full sized memorial urns for children, we also have small keepsake urns which offer an ideal solution for families that want to separate ashes so that multiple people can have a memento of their loved one to take with them. This option is increasing in popularity as families become more spread out.

Before making a purchase, you may also wish to consider what you will do with the ashes in the future. Some products will have screw and threaded lids so you can open them if you wish to scatter the ashes in a memorable place. Other products will have lids that can be sealed so that the ashes are secure and won't ever be disturbed.

At Urns With Love we are very happy to offer a wide selection of stunning urns which have been lovingly crafted and designed especially for those families who are suffering the loss of a cherished child. Our products are made especially for us and have all been chosen with great care. You can browse the collection on our website and find further information about each urn, including the height, material and type of lid or top.