One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is what drew us towards establishing a business which focuses on creating personalised urns. Our motivation is the belief that lost loved ones should be celebrated and commemorated in a heartfelt and dignified way.

We have dedicated our talents towards ensuring that the earthly remains of the deceased may be kept safely, securely and in a beautiful, peaceful way which reflects their eternal rest and the special memories of their loved ones. In delivering this, there are two very distinct qualities which we insist on bringing to all of the urns we create. These are a skilled and attentive manufacturing process, and high quality, long lasting materials.

We use solid brass as the main part of all of our adult cremation urns. Although there are a number of materials which may be used for the creation of urns, we have always believed that pure, solid brass offers some of the finest qualities. Despite being a strong and reliable metal, it is remarkably lightweight when compared to other equally strong materials. It also offers exceptional aesthetic qualities, allowing us to create urns which look stunning in any setting.

Solid brass is also the perfect material for our particular manufacturing process. While in this day and age automated production lines are quite common, we do not believe that they are suitable for producing something as personal or meaningful as urns. That's why we craft each and every urn by hand. Despite similar patterns, each urn is as unique as the life which it represents.

The death of a loved one is an unavoidable part of life, but we aim to bring comfort and peace to the bereaved by reassuring them that their loved one is at eternal peace in a vessel created with compassion and care. For us, all life is beautiful, and we are dedicated to ensuring that when it comes to an end we can provide an appropriate final resting place.